Accessing API

Request API Key

Access to the MAGIC service requires an API key.

To request a key, send an email to with the subject “Key Request”. Include your name and email address you want the key to be registered under.

Please note that as part of our minimal verification of identities, we do not provide keys to email addresses pointing to open email services, such as,,,, and many others. Please request a key using your business or university email address.

Client Libraries

We provide client libraries in several different languages that can be found at:

Documentation of how to use these libraries can be found at the link given above.

CLI Uploader

We additionally provide a stand alone command line utility for uploading files to the Cythereal MAGIC API.


Recommended installation method:

pip install cythereal-magic

This will create the cythereal-magic command.

If you do not want to install via pip, you can alternatively download a stand alone executable from the table below.

Version Download URL


cythereal-magic [--key=MAGIC_API_KEY] upload [--recursive] UPLOAD_PATH

If the --key option is not provided, the environment variable MAGIC_API_KEY will be checked for the value of the key. If this variable is missing or empty, the key will be interactively asked for.

Note that the --key option MUST come before the upload keyword.

The UPLOAD_PATH can be either a directory or a single file. If UPLOAD_PATH is a directory, all files in the directory will be uploaded. By default, directories will not be recursively traversed. This can be changed by providing the --recursive option.

Swagger UI

A Swagger UI for API documentation and interactive use can also be found at:

API Endpoints

The MAGIC API can always be directly accessed (using curl or a browser, for example) at:

The endpoints are documented at api-reference